Errors while installation

The vocal module can be run due to the Internet technology Java Web Start.

System requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows (32 - or 64 - bit); MacOS X (64-bit only, version 10.7.3 Lion or later); Linux (32-bit only); Solaris (32-bit only)
  • Java 7 (for Windows the bit corresponds to those of your browser, for MacOS - 64-bit only)
  • a browser with appropriate protocols under Java Web Start (the Windows bit corresponds to those of Java; for MacOS - 64-bit only)

You can install Java 7 by clicking on this link

If you have a 64-bit version of Windows - then by clicking on the link, please note the presence of the option "Obviously, you are viewing this page in a 32-bit browser" In case there is one - open our website in your browser called the "Internet Explorer (64-bit)" in the "All Programs" menu "Start."

If you have installed Java 6 or earlier, it is undesirable to run an application without installing Java 7. The fact is that when the application starts Java, Java Web Start will attempt to automatically upgrade to the version 7, and this can fail (there may be problems with the auto-update of the Java 6 to the version 7). It is desirable in this case to proceed on the link above and to update Java manually.

If the requirements for Java and browser are executed, run vocal module by clicking on this link, and then follow the instructions. In particular, when asked to open or to save the file, choose to open a Java Web Start Launcher.

In case of security alerts (mentioning files javaws.exe, deploy.jar, when you install Java - also the file whose name starts jre-7u9...) - agree. Also, you may see a warning about the certificate - also agree: the test version uses a trial certificate, so it is not an error.

Attention! If you click the link above to run the vocal module and see a window that says "Java 6" - it means that not all requirements are met. Please review the requirements again, and install Java 7 and browser suitable to the requirements. It is also recommended to remove all versions of Java, including the 64-bit version of Java 7 in case when downloading the applications there are error alerts about false launch of the Java library from the cache.

If you encounter problems with the installation, please contact us via the form on the "Contact Us", we will send you a sample for testing, requiring simple manual installation, with all the necessary instructions.