5.1 Mode of practice and vocal hygiene

The neuromuscular pressure during class is too large and unusual for a beginner. So the program of lessons should also take fatigue into account. The first individual classes should not exceed 20 minutes, with some paused. There should be an individual approach to each beginner, taking into account its natural stamina. But in any case the student should not have a vocal fatigue and discomfort after each class. With the development of endurance training can take up to 45 minutes with breaks for 5-10 minutes.

Even if your voice is ok, you regularly train your technique and successfully develop a new repertoire, you should always remember about the voice hygiene. After all, the world champion in running never goes to the start without being warmed up, no boxer, weightlifter does not participate in the competition without a massage and a warm-up. The warm-up persists for several hours. So if before a concert or an audition you don't have a place for a warm-up, do it at home, in a calm atmosphere. The shorter the performance is and the more time you have before it, the longer it should take for you to warm up, to be in an excellent shape by the time of performance (it usually takes 30-40 minutes). Also you should warm up before each rehearsal.

The stress of vocal cords and of the whole body should be reduced gradually. It is very important for your vocal cords to be able to return to their normal position when they are not utilized. At the end of singing your conversational voice must be heard normally, with no signs of croaking. If during the concert nothing unexpected happened with the voice, for such relaxation some singers suggest to sing a few times a chromatic scale on the "E" or a closed sound from your comfortable lower to mid-range, and then to keep silent for a while.

If the voice is somehow damaged, you must do this several times to achieve the effect. A hot shower and a glass of warm milk or a cup of weak, better of herbal tea. If vocal fatigue persists in the morning, then it is advisable not to sing a few days and then start to exercise, gradually returning the voice into its working condition. It is important in this case to analyse the situation and to see the reason for the malfunction of the vocal apparatus.