4.9 Wrong intonation

The position of the mouth in the singing, the functioning of the jaw, tongue, soft palate and pharynx, muscle tightness, articulation is all associated with the purity of intonation. Inconsistency in all parts of the body involved in phonation is the cause of a noisy and pitchy tone, so teachers do right, developing by their students at the same time many skills: breath, as well as resonance, functioning of the pharynx, diction, phrasing and musicality.

A reason of such intonation can be singing that is not well supported. Even the student tries to intonate sounds correctly in his midrange, as a rule, his intonation in the higher tessitura stays false. As, for example, a D4 demands from a soprano all the necessary technical skills, above all, a deeper and stronger breath support, as well as the ability to sing using the resonance, to make the sound closer and to cover it.

Intonation in singing can become impure when changing from one vowel to another. To eliminate this cause, apply the exercises, smoothening the pronunciation of different sounds.

As a result of incorrect work of breathing, or having no skills to use resonator sensations, if there are constrictions, the so-called low position occurs, which also affects the purity of intonation.

Detonation occurs when the singer has a phonastenia, it is one of the main symptoms in cords functioning irregularities. This requires medical supervision and removing of voice pressure.

A student can also began intonating wrong, in case of a public performance or during the exams. The reason for this is the excitement, which disrupts the normal functioning of breath, as well as the acoustics of an unknown room, complicating the control of muscular sensations. As a result, an inexperienced singer begins to sing off tune. This defect can be removed if the student often performs publically and is trained to manage his neuro-psychological condition before the concert or the examination.

It is necessary to underline that each defect doesn't exist alone, so that's why its reasons cannot be easily defined.

In summary, let's emphasize that the uncoordinated work of all parts of the body involved in the process of voice building, leads to deviations from the ideal voice, that the student should develop. Vocal teacher and a personal perception of the problems of voice will help to identify the cause of the defect and to find the ways to correct it.