4.1 Guttural sound

During the singing of "face" vocal cords have a bit of a spasm, they lose the ability to free vibration phase of the closing and opening chords in time are nearly identical, and even the closure phase can exceed the opening phase. In the women's voices guttural sound in the chest of the range leads to a hard tense tone. If there is a "turtledove" at the top of the range, the top sound, vibration-free, too straight, sharp, compressed, sharply. In the men's voices this defect often involves the use of an open sound without cover. Singing "neck" is also associated with boost sound. Remove guttural sound very difficult. The main thing to determine its cause. It happens that this defect can be eliminated by the work of breathing, strengthening and deepening support. Perhaps the use of soft or aspirated attacks. In other cases, guttural sound gets too veiled voice, then we must reject this and receive voice-establish a more open sound, and then move on to more top cover art.