"Lesson to a vocalist"

To sing beautiful till gloam; Turn your palate into dome Become hollow, like a pipe, Use your forehead - that’s your type Going down, don’t lose your head, Smarter you should be instead; Like an animal don’t growl "Softly you unleash the door" There are to two experienced points: Stomach-voice and then head voice; Make your stomach strong and wound - Now you can project the sound. What is it - to "cover up"? Explanation’s rather hard. To find this position clear, In your “A” there should be "E".
Not to choke and to sing wise, Don’t forget to be surprised: Breathe in as short as in fear, Push the string of sound you’ll hear. "Ah" with "Oh" and "Oh" with "OU" In the forehead, not in bazoo From the forehead to the stomach A depression and a blowhole. If you’re climbing up, not down, Use a deep support right now Then you "outshout" everyone Even though it is no fun. Please sing softly, do not cry, Learn your parts - it’s worth the try; Do not let them bring you down! It’s the God who matters now.