The production company "Mazay Communications" presents VocTeacher that puts a new spin in vocal coaching, it is a teaching method based on long-term experience of some best singing teachers and on innovative multimedia technologies.

VocTeacher is an interactive application, an exerciser that helps every person willing to improve his vocal skills and abilities regardless of age and qualification.

How does the VocTeacher work?


It is based on a vast technological base collected by leading vocal coaches of the Moscow State Pedagogical University and the Moscow State Conservatory. The technique will introduce users to the physiological basis of singing, different types of breathing and articulating exercises offering a lot of vocal methods that can be practiced on the spot.

The students can record their own interpretations of vocal exercises, see the graphic representation of the recorded part and get an evaluation, whether they sing in- or out of tune with help of a special application that can work on any computer with Internet connection. Only a microphone and earphones are required. Self-instruction will help you to work on your musical ear and your control of vocal instrument, but there are also vocal coaches that can improve and master your skills during their on-line individual singing lessons.

Musical images

VocTeacher is not only based on special and original exercises but also on Russian traditional folk songs, on classics of Soviet tunes and on the very best of Russian music of nowadays. All the material will be presented as vocal and musical patterns as well as a sheet music library and a database of musical samples.

Free to use

VocTeacher is a freeware vocal exercise program for Internet users via computers or mobile devices. The only shareware levels can be provided for experienced students, seasoned professionals will be offered some additional shareware services. The VocTeacher is designed for preschool and school-aged children as well as for adults.

Besides, it should be applied in preschool, school vocal coaching and in leisure centers due to its possibility to be used not only for individual lessons but also in groups.